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The 10 Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Dubai

The 10 Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Dubai

December 28, 2020
Published by House of Om

If you’re looking to start your adventure as a yoga teacher in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place!

Deciding to start your yoga teacher training is one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make in your life, we can guarantee it. Through yoga teacher training you’ll learn about deep spiritual practices that have the ability to change your life, as well as developing skills as a yoga teacher to pass these practices on to your students. What better gift is there to offer to the world?

Whether you’ve decided to complete your yoga teacher training so that you can teach or simply to evolve your personal practice, stop putting off the inevitable and get started today! You’re reading this for a reason, and we think that’s it’s probably because you’ve got a burning desire to learn more about yoga and go on a deep and inner spiritual journey.

Let’s have a look at one of the most asked questions when it comes to yoga teacher training - how many hours do I need to take, and what’s the difference between a qualification of 200hrs and 500hrs?

How many hours of certification do you need to start teaching?

You don’t need to have completed any formal qualifications in order to become a certified yoga teacher and start teaching.

However, we strongly advise that you complete at least 200hrs of training to ensure that you’re giving your students a safe and informed experience in each of your classes.

If you want to advance in your experience as a yoga teacher, you might like to consider completing an additional 300hrs/500hrs course and become an RYT 500. After all, no matter how much you’ve taught and practiced yoga, there are always more experiences and new people to learn from!

Is the style of yoga important?

If there’s a particular style of yoga that you love to practice, it’s worth seeing whether it’s covered during your yoga instructor course in Dubai.

Most courses tend to focus on Hatha and vinyasa yoga, but it can depend on the school! So be sure to check this out before committing.

If you would like more information about each of the schools, don’t hesitate to drop them a message to find out more about the styles of yoga that they focus on during their teacher training in Dubai.

Take a yoga teacher training in Dubai in-person or online, and take that first step into your journey as a spiritual practitioner! It really will change your life - as well as the lives of each of your students.

Here are the 10 best yoga courses in Dubai! We’ve provided an outline of each course including the duration, certification level, price, and style of yoga. And just to give you an informed perspective of what each yoga teacher training school in Dubai has to offer, we’ve also listed what’s special about each course as well as some student reviews!

In this post we cover the following top 10 best Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Dubai:


PRICE (200hr)

House of Om

$333 (AED1123)

Lifestyle Yoga Dubai


Thousand-Petaled Lotus Yoga Center


Kaya Yoga

$3500 (AED12854)

Shiva Shakti Yoga


Karma Yoga Dubai


Zen Yoga



$3500 (AED12854)

Nilaya House


Trident Wellness Center


1. House of Om

House of Om

House of Om Dubai is a well-known community center in the city. Though they don’t offer in-person yoga courses in Dubai, they do offer a thorough and affordable online yoga teacher training hosted by their incredibly talented and knowledgeable yoga teachers in Bali. If you’re looking for an immersive yoga teacher training experience at an affordable price, why not study online and practice yoga in their Dubai community center?

Have a look at our course information for all of the details. And if you’re still not sure, don’t worry, we offer a free trial for our online courses!

Upon completion, you will have lifetime access to the entirety of your online class. This means that you can refresh your memory on certain topics and practice with us whenever you feel like it!

Duration: 4-8 weeks (option to extend to 1 year) / 66 days (option to accelerate to 30 days or extend to 1 year)
Hours/certification level: 200hrs / 300hrs
Price: $333 / $777
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What’s special about this course?

Make your home your ashram whilst still being able to work, parent, and continue daily life! Upon booking either our 200hrs or 300hrs course you will be able to start your yoga teacher training course immediately through the available course materials.

You’ll be assigned a lead teacher and study group within 1-2 weeks. The best part about this course is that you only have to attend a few hours of live calls per week. This makes the certification the perfect option if you have other commitments.

House of Om has done everything we can to make our training accessible to everyone! This is why we’ve created an affordable online course. Whether you’re a mother, full-time worker, or can’t commit to intensive training for any other reason, we don’t think that it should be a reason to delay your journey into becoming a yoga teacher.


Here’s what some of House of Om’s online yoga teacher training graduates had to say about the quality of the course.

“It was excellent, I enjoyed every bit of it”
“Emotionally and spiritually, it definitely filled a void and made me feel fulfilled”
“Opened my eyes to the more spiritual side of yoga”
“This course really helped me improve”
“I found the course engaging, mostly in the support received”
“I can now say, I’m a yoga teacher”
“I will recommend it to others”
“It has helped me to become much more confident”
“It really did exceed my expectations”
“My teacher and the zoom calls really made my experience”

2. Lifestyle Yoga Dubai

Lifestyle Yoga Dubai

Learn to be a yoga teacher with Lifestyle Dubai and get hands-on experience as a teacher as soon as you’re certified.

An overview of their Dubai yoga teacher training:

Duration: 4 weeks
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: AED11500
Style of yoga: Hatha

What’s special about this course?

Their yoga courses in Dubai offer a month-long internship program immediately on finishing your yoga teacher training in Dubai. You’ll be able to spend time practicing what you’ve learned whilst developing your own unique style of teaching.


Read about the experience of those who have already practiced and studied at Lifestyle Yoga Dubai.

“Exceptionally knowledgeable about the body and its healing”
“Best yoga school and practice!”
“Amazing team”

3. Thousand Petaled Lotus Yoga Center

tousand pallete lotus yoga center

Choose to study on weekdays or weekends with Thousand Petaled Lotus yoga teacher certification in Dubai.

Duration: 2 months
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: AED10700
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa
What’s special about this course?

With this course, you have the option to study on weekdays or weekends, as they run two courses parallel to one another. This gives you a little flexibility within your Dubai yoga teacher training so that you never have to miss a class.


See what some of Thousand Petaled Lotus’ previous students had to say about the teacher training course in Dubai.

“Dr. Kasi is an amazing yoga teacher”
“(They) teach from the heart, not the book”
“A wealth of knowledge...super supportive”

4. Kaya YogaKaya Yoga

Overcome the physical and emotional pain of chronic symptoms with Kaya Yoga.

A quick overview of their yoga certification Dubai.

Duration: 5 months / 7 months
Hours/certification level: 200hrs / 300hrs
Price: $3500 / $4600
Style of yoga: Vinyasa, Hatha, restorative

What’s special about this course?

This course focuses on the application of yoga as a form of therapy. It’s the perfect course for those who may be suffering from chronic pain or disabilities, or those who are wanting to help others who are in a similar position.


What do previous students think about their experience with Kaya Yoga teacher training in Dubai?

“I felt comfortable to teach after only the second weekend module”
“I can finally do those poses I never even dreamed of doing”
“Kaya’s Yoga really heals”

5. Shiva Shakti Yoga

Shiva Shakti Yoga

Learn about yoga in its more modern form with Shiva Shakti Yoga.

Here’s what you need to know about their Dubai yoga teacher training:

Duration: 27 days
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: AED10000
Style of yoga: Hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa

What’s special about this course.

Shiva Shakti Yoga teacher training in Dubai focuses on the more contemporary practice of yoga.


Find out what previous students of Shiva Shakti Yoga had to say about their experience of becoming a yoga teacher in Dubai.

“It [was] an awesome experience”
“This course changed my life”
“This experience will affect my other experiences and general life”

6. Karma Yoga Dubai

Karma Yoga Dubai

Get lots of experience to practice with your classmates when completing your yoga certification in Dubai with Karma Yoga.

Duration: 1 month (weekday course) / 2 months (weekend course)
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: AED12600
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What’s special about this course?

Karma Yoga offers private lessons at a small cost to make up for any missed hours of yoga teacher training. Sometimes life gets in the way! And they want to be understanding of this.


Hear what some of Karma Yoga’s recent graduates have to say.

“I appreciate the flexibility within the program”
“I really enjoyed every moment of this YTT”
“It was such a life-changing experience”

7. Zen YogaZen Yoga

Zen Yoga is for those who are serious about their practice and have been committed to yoga for at least 6 months.

Duration: 8 weeks
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: AED11550
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What’s special about this course?

During this course, you’ll get an introduction to prenatal yoga. Zen Yoga also offers prenatal yoga teacher training that you can complete following your 200hr course.


Read some of the recent reviews from Zen Yoga graduates.

“The knowledge that I got out of this training was so helpful”
“[The teacher] is a truly knowledgeable person”
“A wonderful and unforgettable experience”

8. Yogadarshanam


Avoid the “improper techniques” of modern yoga and study the practice in its most traditional form with Yogadarshanam.

Duration: 25 days
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: $3500
Style of yoga: Ashtanga, vinyasa

What’s special about this course?

The teachers at Yogadarshanam focus on the traditional forms of yoga along with some select contemporary methods.


Hear what some of Yogadarshanam’s graduates have to say about their yoga teacher training in Dubai.

“A wonderful experience”
“Perfect for building my trust in becoming a yoga teacher”
“Very easy for [the students] to understand and follow”

9. Nilaya House

Nilaya House

Attend yoga classes at a discounted price when training with Nilaya House.

Here’s what you need to know about Nilaya House’s yoga certification Dubai.

Duration: 14 weekends / 20 weekends
Hours/certification level: 200hrs / 300hrs
Price: AED12500 / AED17900
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What’s special about this course?

Upon booking your yoga teacher training with Nilaya House, you will receive a 15% discount on their 3 and 6-month class memberships.


Here’s what some of Nilaya House’s graduates had to say about their yoga course in Dubai.

“The most wonderfully encouraging and supportive teacher”
“Nilaya House is a Shala with heart!”
“I have felt part of a very compassionate and encouraging community”

10. Trident Wellness Center

Trident Wellness Center

Learn about the basics of becoming a meditation teacher on this yoga teacher training course.

Duration: 24 days
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: AED8075
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What’s special about this course?

If you’re just as interested as being a meditation teacher as a yoga teacher, this course has an entire module dedicated to meditation.


There are no online reviews for this yoga teacher training. However, they also offer studio yoga classes, here’s what some of the students had to say about their yoga certification Dubai.

“The class was a great experience”
“The location and facilities are very good”
“Very relaxing and cozy”

The Takeaway

Best pick: Though not technically a Dubai yoga teacher training, House of Om Dubai does have a large and very well-known community in the city. Our online course offers both the freedom to study when it suits you, as well as the ability to review all of the course material forever! Whilst taking our online teacher training, we hope to see you in our community center.

We hope that now, you have a better idea of where and how you would like to complete your yoga teacher training in Dubai. Lack of choice is definitely not a problem when looking for yoga certifications, but this can definitely make things confusing!

Choose a school that offers lessons in the style you would like, teaches the yoga style that you prefer, and is suitable for your time frame.

We hope to welcome you into our community center ‘House of Om Dubai’ very soon!